Here are 20 gift ideas to give your loved ones this Christmas

It goes without saying that the festival season is a time to give, to reflect on our lives and thank the friends and family that played different roles in our lives to make the ending year memorable. Below is a list of gift ideas that you can give to your loved ones.

Nothing beats the taste of Johnnie Walker


A personalized Johnnie Walker bottle.
Gift your man, friend, dad, uncle or even ex with a personalized Johnnie Walker bottle to walk through the festival season with. Visit the House of Walker at Sheraton Hotel for the most affordable prices starting from as low as Shs67, 900.

If JW is too expensive, don’t shy away from our local brands. A Uganda Waragi Pineapple, Coconut or Premium depending on that his taste buds like will measure up.

2. Designer Watch.

Watches crown your personal person with class and elegance as they roll through life. For as low as Shs50k, you can pick a good watch and elevate his look.

3. Bluetooth Earphones
No more excuses. Keep him on air even when he’s driving. Durable Bluetooth earphones cost around Shs60,000.

4. Hooded Jumper
Every man loves to once in a while feel like a bad man. A customized hoodie with his name and some sweet words would cut it perfectly. Who would resist rocking a cool hoodie?

Fashionable hoodies are at Shs40,000 downtown. Designer perfume There’s nothing more attractive than a man with a good scent. Good perfumes range from as low 30k depending on the brand type and size.

Leather belt/Wallet
Men are lazy to go shopping. Gift him with an original leather belt or wallet or both. Original leather belts range between Shs25,000 to 70k while an original wallet will cost about 50,000.


A pretty handbag is a must-have accessory for every lady. It adds glamour into her world. Handbags range from Shs50,000 – 100,000.

Framed photo memoir
Photos capture moments of life that pass unremarkably. They tell the best stories of our lives. Remind your loved one of those breathtaking moments with a framed pictorial journey of your love story. Photo frames range from Shs50,000 depending on the size and place purchased it from.

A Pair of Heels
Life is a runway. Everybody has to walk it and what better way than in statement shoes. Fashionable heels range from as low
as Shs45,000 downtown (Skylight Arcade)

A full fashion label
outfit This can include but not limited to (a Gucci dress, shoes and handbag) to change her fashion style. You can buy each item from different places to make it pocket-friendly.

Road trip
The best gift you can ever give your loved one is your time. Explore the country with your loved ones. It’s the memories we make that get us through the hard times especially during the festive season.

With game fees at discount prices during the Christmas season, try something extraordinary.

Fresh flowers, candy and a box of chocolate
They say food is a way to a man’s heart. Well, flowers are the way to a woman’s heart. Flowers make one make feel loved and special. For as low as 50k, one can have a banquet of flowers. Don’t forget the type of flowers matter too so