Model who appeared in a cage at ASFAs red carpet says he was “thinking outside the planet”

Emolsa Haasacha is no stranger to controversy. If you have followed his public appearances, then you surely know he is one individual whose dressing cannot be predicted yet is anticipated for all the controversy that he pulls off. 

While the fashion forwards were breaking the bank and booking designers to get them outfits for the biggest red carpet event in the land, Emolsa was somewhere crafting a cage and later at a hardware shop purchasing gumboots! 

Well, according to Emolsa, he was on a defiance mode. 

“My ASFAS 2018 red-carpet look is a representation of the prison that the African setting has coiled around its people towards expressing their true nature and creativity,” he said.

Not only the cage, he had the mosquito net too

In this era of postmodernism, he added, “we are still groomed to be normal, to follow society stereotypes and limitations, to believe that some jobs (bankers, lawyers and doctors) are better than the rest yet the end result is all about money rather than true individual happiness.”

Emolsa concluded his ‘Ted Talk’ with the point that passion and happiness are traded for family prestige, people are still tasked to think outside the box yet according to him, we should be thinking is outside the planet.