LEGEND: Here are the best photos from Chameleone’s Saba Saba concert

At the top for 20 years, Chameleone cemented his Legendary status. PHOTOS BY JOSEPH KASIGWA/MATOOKE REPUBLIC

Chameleone did not come to perform. He came to showcase utter class. He came to make a statement that his 20 years at the top of music business means greatness. 

As fellow musician A Pass, put it, this is the real G.O.A.T – the man who sustained a crowd for four good hours without clamoring . He delivered hit after hit as promised. 

KIBOKO: The look you give when a junior is killing it like a PRO

From the moment he stepped on stage, the energy was vivid. He actually flew to the stage and like a CHAMPION, the crowd went wild. They danced to every song like they had taken lessons to study each lyric so as to write it in an exam – they passed. 

ELECTRIC: No one does it better than him

With help of his band, Chameleone delivered the bars and had fun while at it, at one point, he let go of his emperor-like outfit and did his with thing shirtless but very spiritful. 

BIGGEST FAN: Chameleone’s mother turned up to see her son perform. As the rest cheered seated, she was on her feet

It was all smiles from the promoter to the fans, to the musicians and the guests. After all, it was the entertainment that they came for, right? And so, Jose unwrapped the music from Katupakase, Kipepeo, Nekolera Maali and the music that the millennials missed to the ones like Kiboko that they saw coming.

The smile whnen the money is already in the bag. Events promoter Balaam couldn’t hide his excitement

As the man who has always tried to uplift fellow artistes, Chameleone let them shine on his stage. The rebranded Papa Cidy, Pallaso, AgaNaga, Leila Kayondo all made performances. His brother Weasel who is Coke Studio Africa was the only absence.

RELAXING: Chamili and Leila in a compromising situation

The surprise performance was one from the ‘Farm Manager’ Abdu Mulasi. With almost no song to his name in the 21st century, the Masaka man arrived on stage – with his farm of course. And bouy, he still got it!

He performed his most popular songs, Farm, Ebiyungu and gave a few women goosebumps as they reminisced on the good old days. 

Mulasi and the farm also turned up

The biggest highlight of the show was when Bobi Wine turned up. He entered the gate when Chameleone was on stage but the attention quickly or let me say, instantly shifted to man in a People Power beret. 

SET: Bad Bobi Wine was in the building too

For a moment, Chameleone paused to acknowledge his former nemesis and to thank him for coming through. Bobi who was guarded by Eddy Mutwe and the entire Fire Base Army later come through on stage and had a musical chat with the ‘Doctor’.

Bobi Wine, Chameleone having a good time 

“One day you say you’re People Power, another day you say you’re Movement,” Bobi teased Chameleone in rhythm of his popular hit song Kyarenga. 

When all is said and done, this photo was the best of the night. The moment when Chameleone went through the crowd to embrace his mother for being there for him since the journey started.

A photo speaks a thousand words they say!

“She is is my biggest fan,” he said as he performed his duet with Emperor Orlando ‘Maama Wange.’

A historic night for a historic man it was. You couldn’t take away anything from it. Nothing short of legendary.