BIZARRE: The designs that shocked everyone at Abryanz Awards

Real bizarre! Some designs at the Abryanz Style and Fashions Awards (ASFAs) at that went down at the Kampala Serena Hotel were out of this world. 

Is this the jailbird you read about in college?

As other fashionistas were looking for designers to knit the best dresses, suits and what not, others, like the dude above were looking for welders and blacksmith to fix them nests to take around.

And he was not done. Still, in his farm gumboots, the lad arrived again, this time with the mosquito net. He drew all the eyebrow in the room with his unmatched confidence, bravado and swagger. 

Basically, he had less ‘phucks’ (excuse my Russian) to give about the rules. He just wanted to stand out and without much effort – except in making the designs, he did. 

If he was a super hero, his name would be Thornman

This lad is lucky Ciroc is not as flammable otherwise his thorny outfit would put him at great risk. He is basically wearing the improved version of backcloth only that his is from the tree called China. 

He looks like he just jumped straight out of his alien spaceship to save Wakanda but he forgot his magic wand behind. Not to worry though, the thorns on the head and shoulders are scary enough. 

This must be the best timed photo ever.

But take away the Ciroc background, it is a complete nightmare.