CELEB STYLE: Rachel K cannot leave her house with a hat on the head

Rachel K donning one of her signature hats

How would you describe your style?

My style is very edgy and kind of depends on my mood. If I’m lazy I would probably just put on jeans a T-shirt and pair it with a pair of Vans shoes. Other days I like to add some personality to my style and maybe add a hat or maybe a leather jacket. My style is laid back but still cool with a little edge.

What is the one fashion item you cannot live without?

Probably my hat! Lol. I have been wearing it like all the time and I have like 4 different colours that I like to switch up once in a while.

What is your worst buy ever?

Worst buy is probably a pair of plaid styled jeans that I bought. I love plaid a lot but having them in jeans style just didn’t look too good on me. Kinda makes you look wider than you actually are.

What styling trick works for you all the time?

This is a good one. If I have a dress that’s super short and I know it will give me issues if I step out I actually just Turn it into a top! I get a pair of jeans and just tuck the dress inside and rock it as a cute top, nobody would ever tell that it’s a top.

Any item we would not find in your wardrobe?

This one is hard I pretty much rock anything that’s good or if it doesn’t I just modify the look to fit my style!