Stolen BoU documents: Security officials charged with negligence for allowing Bagyenda into bank, remanded to Luzira

BoU Security official Beatrice Kyambedde is led to the waiting prison van by a Prisons official.

 Beatrice Kyambadde and Charles Mollo who are attached to Bank of Uganda’s security office have been sent to Luzira Prison over negligence that led to disappearance of closed bank documents.

The two officials appeared before City Hall Court yesterday and they have been remanded until December 6.

During Parliament’s Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE)’s probe into the closure and takeover of seven commercial banks, it emerged that former Executive Director in Charge of Supervision Justine Bagyenda stole vital documents.

BoU’s head of security Milton Orech Opio told COSASE last week, that a number of key documents were sneaked from the central bank by Bagyenda even when she had quit the institution.

He said some of the lost documents were traced to Bagyenda’s home though others are still missing.

Kyambadde and Mollo, who were manning the access points that Bagyenda used to steal the bank documents were arrested last Thursday on orders of COSASE for negligence because they allowed her in and out of the central bank without conducting the requisite checks as spelt out in the BoU security manual.

The two were remanded to Luzira after prosecution told court that police investigations have not yet been concluded.