Salvado calls MPs uneducated for passing ‘harmful’ GMO bill

Comedian Patrick Salvado

Celebrated comedian and actor Patrick Idringi Salvado has expressed disappointment with Members of Parliament for passing the Genetically Modified Organisms act that he says is harmful to Ugandans.

The bill that is pending President’s signing was formerly called the National Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill 2012 and renamed Genetic Engineering Regulatory Bill 2018 following a recommendation by the President.

Museveni had initially refused to sign it asking Parliament to study the 12 issues he raised and send it back.

According to Salvado, the money-minded MPs who probably don’t understand what the law itself entails hurriedly passed it without even consulting their voters. 

However, MP Lawrence Akugizibwe, the Vice President of the committee has assured Ugandans that the genetic modification will be restricted to plants and animals.

“The president wanted it to be stated clearly that the scientists wouldn’t embark on modifying human beings,” Akugizibwe said.