I own the whole of Wilson Road — claims City tycoon Boaz Ndyamuhaki

The road over which Ndyamuhaki is claiming ownership.

City tycoon Boaz Ndyamuhaki has shocked the nation with the claim that he owns the whole of Wilson Road and sued the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) for using it without his knowledge. 

Ndyamuhaki acquired the land in 2014 after the Kampala District Land Board chaired by Yusuf Nsibambi unanimously agreed to close the road behind Total Arua Park and turn it into a plot – one that was subsequently sold to the businessman. 

A land title was even issued in 2017 for the same plot in the names of Boaz Ndyamuhaki. All this happened without the knowledge of KCCA as the neither the Executive Director, her deputy nor the Lord Mayor were privy to the developments. 

“There are some roads that were sold before I assumed office. That one is probably one of them. I am going to look through the books and get to the bottom of the matter. That I can assure you,” Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago said. 

Lukwago decried the practice of selling gazetted roads as part of the reason Kampala is congested and traffic laden. 

KCCA spokesperson, Peter Kaujju confirmed receiving the court injunction saying that the authority is investigating the authenticity of the land title in Ndyamuhaki’s possession and how he attained it. 

“The laws don’t allow someone to block a road unless they are creating another one else where. We have stopped our works temporarily to investigate the title and see how to proceed,” Kaujju said. 

However, Arua Park Chairman LC.1 has told Matooke Republic that KCCA was aware that the plot existed but did not know who the owner was. 

“No one can acquire a plot in Kampala without the knowledge of KCCA. When this plot was sold, there was an NRM office, and a public toilet and Arua Park Police,” Muzamir Lukumu said. 

The plot is the latest land battle in city centre. Last week, tycoons Drake Lubega and Charles Muhangi paralysed business as they fought over the owner ship of six arcades downtown Kampala.