Politics is good because you can tell lies — says President Museveni

President Museveni addressing a press conference at State House recently.

For those of who have been wondering how “the old man with a hat” has maintained the topmost office in the country, he has finally revealed the secret.

While addressing the ongoing Anti-Corruption Dialogue conference at Imperial Royale, President Museveni stated that unless in a battle where one must either fight or die, politics is all about telling lies.

“Politics is good because you can tell lies. Fighting is rather serious because you either fight or die,” the President said. 

Museveni admitted that Uganda is suffering from rampant corruption but noted that the vice can be defeated when the population is fed up of corrupt people as they are well known.

“I am here to represent the freedom fighters. The country was suffering from many problems where corruption was a minor problem because there were bigger problems like extrajudicial killings among others,” the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Chairman said.