MISS WORLD 2018: Ugandans using the wrong websites to vote for Quiin Abenakyo

As Uganda’s Quiin Abenakyo nears the Miss World crown, Ugandans have been urged to vote for the beauty queen using the official Miss World website.

It has been discovered that several blogs are purporting to be running the Miss World poll and most Ugandans are using those decoy websites to vote as opposed to the official site. 

As a result, Quinn who is seen as topping the charts on the blogsites is actually playing catch up on the main voting site.

Abenakyo’s Uganda’s ‘Beauty with a Purpose’, a project fighting teenage pregnancies secured Uganda a slot in the Top 30 Miss World finalists for the first time in Miss World history.


“1 in 4 adolescent girls ages 14 to 19 either have a child or pregnant. This has led to school dropouts, health complications like fistula, some girls are banished from home leaving them helpless,” she said. 

Abenakyo greatly believes that when a girl child gets a deserving education, the entire community is enlightened. Together with the Miss Uganda Foundation, she is using her project to reduce school dropouts.

“I believe they all have dreams and goals to achieve. My objective is to put into action my Beauty with a Purpose project using the opportunity given to me by the Miss Uganda foundation and Miss World Organisation to achievably bring to the forefront of the world stage causes that promote the sanity of human life especially the girl child,” she added.

How to vote for Abenakyo

  1. Go to the Miss World website (https://missworld.com/#/vote)
  2. Log in to the website using your Facebook or Instagram to access voting panel
  3. Look for Quiin Abenakyo (next to the Uganda Flag)
  4. Click on Vote

One is only allowed one vote per day meaning you can vote as many times as possible until the voting is closed.

The Miss World Finale will take place on Saturday, December 8, 2018, in Sanya, China.