EXCLUSIVE: The bouncers pretended not to know that I am one of the best artistes — Michael Ross speaks out on Ginuwine saga

Michael Ross before jumping on stage at the Johnnie Walker Soul Safari Concert

After making the best highlight of the weekend when faded singer Michael Ross Kakooza was flashily thrown off stage by bouncers during the Ginuwine performance at the Johnnie Walker Soul and RnB Safari at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

During a phone interview, Michael Ross said that while growing up, his dream was to be one of the best entertainers on land.

To achieve this, the singer says his dream was inspired by the likes of his namesake Michael Jackson, Usher, R. Kelly and Ginuwine whom he finally met last weekend.

According to Michael Ross, Ginuwine was doing his magic on stage but when his favourite
song ‘Differences’ was played, he couldn’t the temptation to hit the state any longer. 

“I was seated behind in the VIP, and I heard my favourite song ‘differences’ play. I think that time spirits of music took me up and I just saw myself jumping on the stage,” the singer said.

“But before jumping on stage, one bouncer tried pushing me away while I was recording a live video down the stage. He pretended not to know that am one of the best artistes. I then decided to show him who I am and jumped on stage,” the singer added.

No sooner had Kakooza jumped on stage that things fell apart. Despite the incident, Ross has thanked all his fans who have stood with him during this humiliating time. He has promised to come back stronger and better.