Sheebah has answered my childhood dream – says chubby queen dancer

It is not the size that matters but rather how you use it.

Growing up, her childhood dream had always been to dance before a fully packed crowd. But that dream seemed to whither every day as she grew chubbier.

On Friday at Hotel Africana, it was a thrilling moment when the queen dancer got a chance to fulfil her childhood dream at Queen Sheebah’s concert.

The duo danced to one of Sheebah’s hits ‘agenda akuse’ and the chubby queen dancer pulled off crazy dance moves that got the crowd screaming saying; “how the hell did she do that?”

At the end of the performance, Sheebah hugged the tearful queen dancer for she knew how much of a big deal the performance meant to her.

With tears rolling down her cheeks, the dancer thanked the Wankona singer for making her dream come true.