All the items that you need for Saturday’s Camp Comedy Experience in Jinja

Some of the comedians that will perform at the two-day event; Dolibondo, Kenneth Mugabi and Ehmah Napoleone.

All is set for the long-awaited Camp Comedy Experience set for Saturday, December 1, 2018, at Forever Resort in Eastern Uganda city of Jinja. 

According to the organisers, comedy lovers will be treated to a night of non-stop entertainment accentuated by good music, barbeque, campfire and several fun games that will make the night – one to remember. 

To help you prepare better; here are the top five items that you must pack.

  1. A good tent
    Comfort is the number one recipe for great camping and what better way to feel at home than a good tent. Although there will be tents for hire at the venue, you are free to come with your own tent, enough for you and your family and friends. 
  2. Charger/Power Bank
    In this day and age, there is no need to move around with torches that only work when a fresh pair of Tiger Head batteries are inserted. Most of our phones (smart or not) have torches. All they need is to be charged. Rather than disturb fellow fun lovers for their cables or blame UMEME for load-shedding when you are a stone throw from Owen Falls Dam, just carry your charger and power bank. That will save you a lot of hustle. 
  3. Sleeping bag
    You might have a tent but catching an ounce of sleep will require you to get a little warmth. This calls for a sleeping bag, warm covers or clothing that will keep you baked throughout the night. 
  4. Camp Chair
    If you are adventurous enough, carry your camp chair – the one you will sit on like a clan head and watch over the Nile or take pictures on the new Nile Bridge that has everyone talking. The chair is also another way to catch the attention of those Jinja girls that mightly eventually solve your solitude problems. Who knows?
  5. The other items that you might need are boots (not those soccer boots, no!) the ones that put you a foot or two off the ground. If your phone camera is not good enough, you can carry your own camera or read Your picture might just feature and save you the hustle. 
  6. Don’t carry those big headphones of yours. We already have Kenneth Mugabi, the string master to give you enough eargasms that will last you the whole week. However, you might need a bit of money (Shs30,000) for entry and enough to keep Club beer flowing down your oesophagus all night long.

    There will be no ‘kawenyumu’ in the camp. As long you drink smart, get a designated driver and eat enough muchomo.