Chameleone, Papa Cidy reunite, release song

The Leone Island Empire is getting back together ahead of Dr Jose Chameleone’s Legendary Saba Saba concert at Cricket Oval, Lugogo on December 7.

Papa Cidy and Chameleone in Nkwata video

News reaching out desk is that Chameleone’s estranged singing partner, Papa Cidy, the lad behind the soothing vocals in Tolina Kisa, Joselina, Daniella, is back to the island and the chemistry has been instant.

As a matter of fact, the duo have released a song titled Tonsuna that seals Cidy’s comeback to the radio waves and hopefully a much more permanent stay on the music scene.

Chameleone who recently bragged about being the only musician that has brought more local talents on the scene said that, “It is always great working as a team to keep our
music loving fans Happy and fixed on the floor.”