Why Flavia Tumusiime dumped American rapper J. Cole, A Pass for Andrew Kabuura

Flavia with J.Cole in 2015

During her stint as the host of Big Brother Africa in 2015, Flavia Tumusiime hosted popular U.S rapper J. Cole and even got the opportunity to have a one-on-one interview with him. 

As time unfolded, J. Cole got inspired by her fine looks and while they hang out together, the rapper is said to have asked Flavia out. The diva, radio and television personality found herself in a conundrum to chew fire or spit sweetness like the proverbial Ankole saying goes.  

She chose to spit the sweetness – at least according to her #30DaysofFlavia series that ran on her Facebook page. Tumusiime who on Saturday introduced, workmate and longtime sports journalist, Andrew Kabuura to her parents said that after taking photos with the rapper, he invited her over to join him in a more private place – an offer she turned down. 

I told the guard to go and tell him I was okay and if it was important he can come to us. What vibe did I give off that made me look like I wanted to go with him privately?” she wondered. 

J. Cole Out, A Pass in

J. Cole jumped off the wagon for being too fast and in came Alexander Bagonza – the larger than his body full-time musician and part-time social media drama actor. 

After singing several songs that went unnoticed, A Pass decided to make his intentions much blunter. He posted about how he really wanted Flavia to himself but would settle for just a kiss at least if she played hard to get. 

At the time, A Pass was a breakthrough artiste and his songs were top of most radio and television chats in Uganda. That notwithstanding, A Pass waited on that response from his “crush” to no avail until the 2017 Abryanz Style and Fashions Awards (ASFAs) where Flavia who had come to present an award on behalf of Capital FM – one of the awards’ sponsors – asked A Pass to come get a selfie and forever hold his ‘piece.’ 

He got the selfie but unlike fellow musician J. Cole, A Pass is taking Flavia-Kabuura’s introduction too personal. He was declared an indefinite time off social media and is somewhere crying crocodile tears. 

As Bagonza recovers from his major heartbreak, there is only one question on the minds Flavia’s suitors who also feature Maurice Kirya; how the hell did a sports journo take their place with much ease, less money and pomp. 

It is either Flavia just doesn’t fancy musicians or she was looking for completely different qualities – none of which they presented.