Africell, Bright Life enter green energy partnership, over 1000 homes to be furnished with solar and cooking stoves in the festive season

Christine Awachango (Africell Devices Manager), Andrew Muhwezi (Business Head Bright Life Uganda) and Edgar Karamagi (Africell PRO) at the Fumba Mu Style launch

Africell Uganda has launched the ‘Fumba Mu Style campaign’ in partnership with Bright Life Uganda – a company offering solar solutions by launching efficient and highly functional biolite stove.

The stove is an innovation of Bright Life Uganda, a sister company of Finca Microfinance company whose main mandate is the provision of solar energy solutions including lighting and cooking implements among other things.

According to the Africell Publicist, Edgar Karamagi, “Our intention in this drive is to offer innovative solutions to our customers which help them solve everyday challenges like cheap lighting and cooking but also enhanced with the ability to help them stay connected with their inbuilt charging systems.

“The stove that we are unveiling will not only help our customers manage their kitchen affairs well but it will also have a lighting and charging solution inbuilt in them.”

Africell is also rewarding every buyer of the stove with a free Fero phone which comes with 33 days of free unlimited Pakaboom calls. 

The Fumba Mu Style campaign, according to Andrew Muhwezi, the sales and marketing head of Bright Life Uganda is targeting to power over 1,000 homes in the festive season. 

“We believe that access to energy and finance goes a long way to improve human welfare and we are committed to that and therefore, during this festive season, we hope to positively transform more than 1000 homes in our campaign,” he noted. 

Muhwezi added that the campaign is the first step in our long-term partnership with Africell to offer our communities affordable, customized and innovative energy solutions.

“We call upon customers to walk into any Africell shop around the country and inquire about the biolite stove while stock lasts.”