NBS hands Chameleone Shs500m boost for Saba Saba concert

The Legend of Dr Jose Chameleone will smile all the way to Cricket Oval, Lugogo after NBS TV handed him a Shs500m bost for his December 7 Saba Saba concert. 

The Leone Island boss has promised to take fans on a trip down the memory lane straight from his first song Mama Mia to Champion as he traverses his illustrious music career hit after hit. 

“My best song is “Mama Mia” because it unveiled the potential in me,” the music doctor said. 

Despite the competition, Chameleone says that he has groomed more musical talent than any other musician in the land. 

“I have uprooted talent that wasn’t known in Uganda, many artists are selfish but that is not the case with me,” he noted.