I have political ambitions — A Pass

The ‘Bobi Wine effect’ sweeping the music industry is real. A few weeks ago, we published a list of celebrities eyeing the next general elections and we thought it was quite a big number! Well, it seems the number just keeps growing day by day.

Latest on the ‘music to politics’ bandwagon, sorry ambition is rather the most unlikely. A Pass! Yes, singer A Pass, a soft spoken person though ‘loud and provocative’ on social media thanks to his hilarious gimmicks claims he is harbouring political ambitions!

A Pass’ first publicly rubbed shoulders with realities of politics at the Anti-social media tax demonstration downtown Kampala. Well, when the police swung in action to disperse the crowd, the lanky singer stealthily escaped arrest and found refuge in a nearby mall. Since then, he chose his to remain in his comfort zone; social media.

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“I have political ambitions come 2022 more details will be provided this Thursday”, he tweeted.

Could he be brave enough to face his fears this time round or it’s just another prank? Welll, watch this space.