Here is my heaven sent — Princess Komuntale unveils lover

Tooro Princess Komuntale has found love! After the nasty breakup with American husband, Christopher Thomas, Princess Komuntale has finally moved on; this time taking the bold move to unveil what she describes as ‘her heaven sent’.

The two lover birds are painting the air with love, affection and sweet-nothings in USA. Yes, according to the romantics flying on Instagram, a one Phil Amooti could be the next royal in Tooro kingdom.

“I thank God for him everyday. My angel sent from heaven”, Komuntale posted on Instagram a selfie smiling ear to ear next to Phil. 

Bitten by the love bug, Phil commented; “You are a true woman and a sweet child of God which I always needed”.

“Phil you’re everything I’ve always needed in a man my love”, Komuntale scratched back as they went on and on in an enviable exchange of romantic messages.

Based in the USA, Phil, an IT engineer and Komuntale’s love could soon bear fruit! Watch this space.