Stop beating me; I am not a violent person – Hon. Francis Zaake appeals as he returns home

On the eve of Arua By-election in August, Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake was rounded by the army with other people. While in detention, he was allegedly badly tortured and later admitted at Rubaga Hospital.

For over a month, Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake has been receiving specialized treatment in India. In a video shared by his wife Bridget Namirembe, Zaake has said that he is feeling better. Reports allege he set foot in the country this morning.

Zaake revealed that he is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) of his horrible experience in Arua.

“In my head there are traumatic events of what I have been through but I am sure by the time, I get back home will be much better. My back, hands arm have been pressed by scissors and other things….  I don’t want to remember such bad scenarios”, he stated.

Mityana Municipality Legislator Francis Zaake has asked those who have made a habit of torturing him to leave him alone because he is not a violent person.

“They used leave me alone. I am not chaotic. I am not a violent person”, he stated.

Zaake revealed that he is undergoing training on how to walk on his own. He stated he is currently using clutches.

The 27-year-old adds that he gets panic attacks and sometimes lacks balance while walking.

“I must support myself to walk which I am told can stop after continued Physiotherapy sessions”.

“I’m using clutches to walk. They are training me how to walk”, he stated.

On Facebook, he alleged that Ugandan authorities wanted to confiscate his medical documents.

“In New Delhi, through Ugandan Embassy the state of Uganda has attempted to conspire so that my medical documents are given to them but professional ethics that these medical workers exhibit, made their efforts futile.”


Zaake has revealed that he might in Uganda by today; Thursday is all goes as planned [Reports allege he is in the country].

“I’m ready to be discharged so that I can receive enough rest I am healing and on my way to recovery. My message to Ugandans is to be calm. My situation is not that badly off. I am healing and on my way to recovery,” he revealed.