I am living in fear. Some people want me dead – Kampala Minister Beti Kamya reveals

Kampala Minister, Beti Kamya says she is living in fear after her name appeared on an anonymous hitlist that assailants say they want dead. 

The hitlist that made rounds on social media recently features several government officials – a thing that has left Kamya trembling. 

“I saw the list on which I am among the people to be killed and I am bothered by the leaflet since there are many murders in Kampala nowadays,” Kamya told the media on Thursday at her office.  

What bothers Kamya mostly is that she does not know the reason why she is on the wanted list yet she is a God fearing and prayerful person. 

“I wish they could state the reason for wanting me dead. If there is something I did and is displeasing to them, they should make it known and if possible I can apologise,” she said. 

Kamya’s fears follow a joint security caution that the police and sister agencies had got intelligence of several assassinations targeting VIPs across the country during the Independence period. 

The minister warned the killers that her security was ready to engage any threats to her life adding that God will see her through the “trying period.”