BOBI WINE: We want to talk to Museveni nicely but if he becomes stubborn, we shall push him nice and slow

While appearing on Kenya’s Citizen TV last night with the legendary Jeff Koinange, Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine revealed that he intends to dialogue with Uganda’s long-term president, Yoweri Museveni. 

“We want to talk to our president nicely but if he insists on being stubborn we intend to push him nice and slow,” Bobi Wine said. 

On the JKLive programme, the People Power mastermind said he still had admiration for Museveni but quickly added that the president has sipped a lot of impunity that he is now “drunk on power.”

Bobi Wine returned to Parliament after three weeks in the US where he was getting specialised treatment following his arrest and subsequent torture in Arua on August 13.

“Yoweri Museveni was on the right course before he got consumed with the effects of absolute power. Museveni disrespected Ugandans by telling us bluntly that he is nobody’s servant.

“The people of Uganda are here to remind him that he is supposed to be a servant of the people; we are not supposed to fear him, he is supposed to fear us,” he said.  

Rather than a “boss leader”, Bobi Wine said that what Uganda needs now is a servant leader adding that whichever way the Ugandan situation ends, Museveni will be out of State House. 

Worse than Amin?

At just 36 years, Bobi Wine said he never got to see the misrule of Uganda’s feared dictator, Idi Amin Dada but was confident that whatever ills Amin did, Museveni has done worse. 

“I did not see Idi Amin but I think Museveni is worse; he has misruled us longer than Idi Amin and he has messed up everything that Amin did; Idi Amin was a dictator but he did not destroy the infrastructure, he did not condone corruption,” the singing politician said.