Trending: Photos of woman worshipping Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s portrait shocks Ugandans

Happy Independence Day folks! Well, Ugandans have been spiritual people way before the white man brought religions to this great rich land. We worshipped gods and some still do.

Later, the Christian missionaries brought the Bible. The Arabs brought the Quran and Ugandans were introduced to God and Allah. Over 100 years later, it’s safe to say Uganda is largely a ‘Christian’ country. While the NRM boosts of allowing freedom of worship, the way some do it has raised eyebrows.

Forget about the ‘shoe-kissing double honour’ ceremony where hundreds knelt down and kissed the shoes of flamboyant prophet Elvis Mbonye. Photos of one remnant, Julie Love Babirye has left many Ugandans in shock.

In the photos, she kneels and prostrates before a portrait of Elvis Mbonye.

“I Double honor The Unmatched Prophet Of Our Time….My Father”, she posted.

The photos were taken at one of the remnants’ prayer meetings! Like a true believer, she was an early bird!

While some attacked her, she defended herself saying it’s freedom of worship! This is Uganda at 56! Happy Independence Day once again!