UTI-causing bacteria found on currency notes, 45% contaminated

A research conducted by Allan Muhumuza, a Makerere University student has found that most of Uganda’s currency notes are contaminated with bacteria, including potential pathogens that may cause disease in healthy individuals.

According to the research 45% of currency notes are contaminated with bacteria. The research sampled 60 notes of food vendors near Mulago Hospital Complex. Out of the 60 notes, 27 were found infected representing 45% of the currency notes.

The report authored by Dr Samuel Nambile from University of Gothenburg, Sweden stated that bacteria cause eye and urinary infections among women.

In the study, most of the old bank notes were found with more bacteria than those issued this year. Also, notes of lower denominations were more contaminated than big notes of Shs10,000 , Shs20,000 and Shs50,000.

To avert possible infection, people are urged to use sanitisers and anti-septic cream after handling money. Also, people are encouraged to wash hands with lots of water and soap whenever possible.