Tamale Mirundi introduces ‘People Power’ inspired yellow beret

They say if you can’t beat them, join them! While NRM loyalists may not join the ‘People Power’ movement, some have borrowed a leaf from their catchy fashion style.

‘People Power’ popular style features all red outfits preferably red overall, red t-shirt with Bobi Wine image capped off with a beret.

Tamale Mirundi’s appearance this morning on NBS TV

Current affairs analyst Tamale Mirundi has introduced a yellow beret inspired by People Power’s red beret. For starters, a beret is that soft, round, flat-crowned hat, usually of woven, hand-knitted wool or crocheted cotton. (It’s that flat-crowned hat that Bobi Wine loves to don!

Bobi Wine in the red People Power beret

Well, Tamale Mirundi too has introduced the NRM version, a yellow one. He chose to debut the new accessory while appearing on NBS TV this morning.

“This is my personal initiative”, he clarified when asked about the beret.

In such scenarios, NRM will surely miss the departed ‘yellow man’, Ibrahim Abiriga!

The beret is one of the trending fashion accessories of 2018. Away from the political arena, the beret is so in vogue that celebrities like Rihanna too have rocked it!

Rihanna wearing a beret

We await to see how this new accessory will be adopted by NRM supporters!