All politicians are fighting for themselves — Kato Lubwama on Mugisha Muntu


After former Forum for Deomcratic Change (FDC) president Gen Mugisha Muntu launched a new political group dubbed ‘New Formation’ yesterday,  fellow politicians have expressed mixed reactions over the development.


Outspoken Rubaga South Member of Parliament Hon. Kato Lubwama alleges that politicians are forming groups that will serve their personal interests. He alleges that Muntu left FDC because he was a threat to Dr. Kizza Besigye’s interests.

“The current political strategy in the country is building individuals. All our politicians are fighting for themselves and their own gains. NRM is building Museveni, FDC is only fighting for Dr Kizza Besigye, People Power is also fighting to bring Bobi Wine and even Mugisha Muntu is fighting for himself,” Kato Lubwama stated.

Lubwama, a Democratic Party member, alleged that the party [DP] is the only political group trying to be inclusive though a party most times party president Norbert Mao dominates.