HEALTH: Quick tips to keep your scalp healthy

Having a healthy scalp is most desirable for all of us, and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

There are a number of simple tips that you can apply at home to achieve this, and these include the following:

Washing your hair regularly
It is recommended that you wash your hair at least two or three times a week, as this keeps the scalp from becoming too oily but also doesn’t dry it out. Washing it every day will prevent your hair’s natural oils from forming and prevent an itchy scalp, which is essential for keeping the scalp and hair balanced and healthy.

Exfoliate at least once a week
Exfoliating is important for keeping a healthy scalp. It clears away dead skin and bacteria and keeps the hair follicles clean and clear from any excess debris or oil buildup. Regular exfoliation can combat this problem, even when it happens on your scalp.

Massage every so often
Scalp massage is beneficial because it helps promote good blood flow to the scalp, increases circulation, soothes nerves, and relaxes muscles.

Scalp massage also promotes hair growth not to mention that it feels great, too. One each week, massage the scalp with the fingertips using a firm pressure in a circular motion. Perform this exercise for three or four minutes.

Invest in a good shampoo
This is probably the most basic yet most essential tip for a healthy scalp and healthy hair. But not just any shampoo — avoid anything with sulfate in it.

Look for natural, organic ingredients (think peppermint or tea tree oil). They are formulated to cleanse and moisturize simultaneously thanks to a perfect combination of natural vitamins and ingredients.