Breaking: KCCA calls off annual street carnival

The Kampala City Festival street carnival has been called off! At a press conference this morning at City House,  KCCA  announced that there will be no street fanfare in the annual celebration that painted the city.


According to KCCA, this year, they will focus sponsor’s contributions to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) cause. KCCA ED, Jennifer Musisi started that the money from proceeds will go towards rehabilitation of schools.

“We shall start with re-roofing Nakivubo Blue and Nakivubo Settlement Primary School and also build a maternity ward at Kiswa Health Centre”, Jennifer Musisi stated.

She also stated that there will no street fanfare!

“The purpose of this press conference is to inform you that we shall not have a street party this year but focus on CSR”, she stated.

There you have it guys.