Feminist women more likely to climax, study finds

Women who identify as feminist are more likely to experience an orgasm than those who hold traditional views, a study has found. 

Orgasms are more likely to be experienced by women who identify with modern attitudes towards gender equality—feminists—in less grand speak.

Experts have revealed that women who see themselves as weak in comparison to their male partners are less likely to experience orgasms than women who see themselves as their partner’s equal.

Scientists found that women with a worldview that includes “benevolent sexism” reported less orgasms. Benevolent sexism in this content means expecting men to show a chivalrous attitude towards women and viewing women as being in need of men’s protection.

“Little attention has been paid to the more distal ideological factors that might indirectly constrain sexual pleasure,” wrote the scientists from the School of Psychology at The University of Queensland.

Women who perceived themselves as being weaker and in need of men’s chivalry also be
lieved that men were more selfish in the bedroom than women with more modern attitudes, the scientists found.

Therefore these women were less likely to assert their need for sexual pleasure, fearing a negative response from their partners – meaning they were left unsatisfied more often.

“Benevolent sexism would be associated with increased perceptions of male sexual selfishness,” the scientists wrote. “This perception of men as interested in their own sexual pleasure would then predict decreased willingness to ask a partner for sexual pleasure, which in turn would be associated with less frequent orgasms.”