PHOTOS: After Besigye’s son ‘hands-on-breast’ photo, fellow Harvard student Obama’s daughter is seen smoking with boyfriend

Remember all that stuff you used to hear about the glorious Harvard University?  Well, it seems the campus-experience at the university is not light years away from Kyambogo students somewhere munching away a rolex for supper in a one-roomed-rental in Banda!

So, prominent students at Harvard are not about to live up to your expectations! Firstly, Besigye’s son Anselm was pictured feeling the warmth of a nak3d white girl’s breasts at a beach. Some hilariously stated that he could have been preventing her from exposing the nippl3s!

Just as we were coming to terms with the photo, Malia Obama, 20, daughter of America’s first Black president was spotted all dressed casually with her boyfriend smoking cigarettes in public.

What’ your say on this?