What we shall miss about former Sanyu FM host Crystal Newman

After sprinkling the airwaves with awesomeness for the past 18 years, the beautiful Crystal Newman has left Sanyu FM.  Yes, change is a constant in the life but for all loyal listeners of the radio, it will surely take them awhile to come to terms with Crystal’s decision.

“We have seen her grow from a University Student who walked through our doors 18 years ago, to becoming one of the most notable voices on radio in Uganda. We have shared in her life everyday, seen her get married, have children all while wearing a variety of hats contributing to what Sanyu FM is today.Thank you for sharing your voice, thank you for the laughs and for your service.We wish you all the best in your new endeavors”, Sanyu FM posted on their social platforms.

Crystal Newman’s eloquence on air is one of those striking attributes that made her stand out! Her powerful interview skills not only inspired her Youtube channel but also got us a deeper scoop into the lives of celebrities. Crystal has this gift that would make guests on her show so calm and composed which ensured a free flowing conversation that would trigger the guests let loose their deepest secrets without feeling hostage! (Y’all remember the Zari interview when she confessed that Diamond was under probation?)

As a mother and beauty queen, Crystal stood as a role model to several young people thanks to her largely scandal free life while in the spotlight!

Her name shall always command respect, love and happiness. Forever a gem!