PHOTOS: When KCCA loadshed Museveni and the best of Bebe Cool’s Golden Heart Concert

Big Size Bebe Cool proved once again, why he is a force in Uganda’s entertainment industry. 

He is the first musician to bring President Museveni to his concert.

But as you know Jennifer Musisi, she doesn’t joke. When it clocked midnight, it was lights out. 

And Ssabalwanyi has just started addressing the revellers. 


Museveni stuck in the dark after KCCA switched off power at midnight. Photo by Jose.

When power retired, the party resumed till around 2 am in the morning. 

And Bebe turned up the heat. 

It was indeed a night to remember, even for Zuena. 

Bae showed her love in all dimensions. 

And then he showed it to the fans as well.

A star-studded evening at Kololo Airstrip. 

Would you look at that?

The Gagamel boss was the man of the night. 

Are these the ‘banene mu gavumenti’ we always hear about?

It was a thing of style and class.