#TogetherForManzi: First car wash raises Shs8.6m for Shs160m cochlear implant surgery

Manzi Nahum, son of Baka and Gordon Gumisiriza, suffered severe meningitis fever at 9 months. This caused him a hearing impairment; he cannot hear or talk.

His family has stood with him through several surgeries at Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi but little was achieved.  He was  booked for a cochlear implant surgery to help restore his speech.

Baka and Gordon Gumisiriza with Manzi

However, the cochlear implant is so expensive because the manufacturers still have patents to technology to be replicated.The surgery will cost an estimated 160million. In a bid to raise funds, a car wash fundraiser was done by St. Mary’s Kitende alumni at Hoppy’s car wash, Ntinda, June 30.

Shs8,600,000 was raised on the day. A total of 69 cars were washed generating Shs1,877,000. Proceeds from T-shirt sales generated Shs1,770,000, Kitende Alumni contributed Shs1,48,.000, Chicken (Shs765,000), Cash and M-Money Shs2,698, 000.

The surgical procedure will be done by Dr. J Thomas Roland Jr a specialist in Otology&Neurotology,Skull base surgery,Otolaryngology from America on 3rd July 2018, at TMR International hospital in Naalya, Kampala Uganda.

The surgery will take 4 hours and the implants will be switched on after 3 weeks to give the wound time to heal. He will then be able to hear but not talk as every sound will be new to his ears.

He will have to undertake therapy classes and rehabilitation to help him talk and the therapy classes will also have to be paid for separately per term.

The parents still need financial assistance and call upon you to enable them improve the quality of life of their son. Any help rendered will be highly appreciated.

Call 0705617338 or 0702374272.