Hellen Lukoma says ‘Yes’ to mysterious ‘Mr A’

Singer, actress and socialite Hellen Lukoma is a very happy woman. Lukoma is happy because she finally found love; and this time, it seems like she found real love! At least if her most recent posts are anything to go by!

Lukoma recently took to her Instagram and posted a photo in a hot pink dress, while flashing an engagement ring!

“God has been good to me.  Am always down on my knees thanking him. Thank u or lord. You saved me from my self. Pink coconut on the décor, Mr A on the ring,” read Lukoma’s post.

Since she broke up with her ex–boyfriend Dean, Lukoma had never appeared anywhere in public with a male friend. Seems Lukoma has so far succeeded at keeping her new lover out of the public eye. But we are quite sure she cannot do it for a very long time! Congs Hellen; all the best!