Doctors at Kiruddu Hospital stuck, fail to locate Nambooze veins, condition worsens

Specialists at Kiruddu Hospital are at a loss on how to proceed with the treatment of Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze after they failed to locate her veins, making it impossible for them to administer drugs to relieve her back pain. The legislator was arrested over murder of Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga.

According to NTV, one of the senior nurses handling the MP said they have been trying all possible ways since Monday to find veins where to administer pain killer drugs in vain.

In a notice, Lukwago pleads that the investigation into Nambooze’s alleged involvement can continue soon after she receives adequate treatment since Kiruddu Hospital where she is currently being held lacks medical facilities to meet her health challenges.

“Prior to her arrest, the client (Betty Nambooze) was scheduled to travel to India for a medical review and specialised treatment upon recommendation by the physician in the same facility who operated her spinal cord a couple of months ago following her brutal arrest and torture at Parliament during the infamous constitutional amendment debate,” the statement read in part.