No police bond, bail for suspects in murder cases – Museveni

In the wake of the rampant murders that have rocked the country, President Yoweri Museveni has ordered that police bonds and bails be denied to suspects in murder cases.

Museveni, who was speaking during the reading of the national budget at Serena International Conference Centre told Parliament that he does not want to hear that “pigs and idiots” who kill “our people” have been released on police bonds and court bails.

“I am happy that the Chief Justice and the Deputy Chief Justice are here. Bail for killers is not acceptable.

“I am here in two capacities, that of the President and liberation leader. That is why I am not in your ties. I actually wanted to come dressed in an army uniform,” he said.

The President also asked the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, to give him time next week so he returns to the house and addresses the issue of murders, kidnaps and insecurity at large in the country – a request that the Speaker granted without disclosing the date and time when it will take place.

Police dead

The President also used the platform to call for public vigilance in order to fight crime citing laxity in both the citizens and the police.

Museveni said that before Abiriga’s shooting, the killers benched in the trading centre at Kwanda talking to the locals as they waited for their target.

“Even in the murder of Kaweesi, the boda-bodas were around his home waiting. The police is also ‘dead’ but had the citizens been vigilant and reported to their MPs, local leaders or even through social media, something could have been done,” he added.