Visiting Ethiopian Prime minister elevates President Museveni’s swag with dapper jackets

TheEthiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali was in Uganda for a two-day visit. Away from the bilateral talks, the prime minister also had a significant contribution to our local fashion industry.

In merely a span of 48 hours, he has awed Ugandans after he gifted our president stylish jackets. For starters, President Museveni, unknowingly, had failed to strike a chord with the youth and the slay generation, in fashion terms.

The neatly tailored jackets comes off as a great relief after the president had resorted to showing up in oversized white or yellow shirts.



This predictable dress code may change if the State House wardrobe supplier(Whoever, that guy is, he deserves to do better) takes notes.

Please Abiy keep visiting us.