Every Ugandan is supposed to be a crime preventer — CDF Gen Muhoozi

During the debate on the security situation in the country held yesterday evening at Serena Hotel, Kampala, Chief of Defense Forces Gen Muhoozi urged all Ugandans to be vigilant because security is everyone’s responsibility.

According to Muhoozi, everyone is a crime preventer as he stated that; “Everyone is supposed to be a Crime Preventer but there’s a move to remove the ones under police to be part of the reserve in UPDF instead.”

“The purpose of adding the crime preventers to the reserve force was an attempt to make them accountable to someone; facilitating the reactivation of the reserve force.”

This week, president Museveni stated that he would recommend deployment of  12 million UPDF reserve force as a strategy of curbing down the recent surge in kidnaps and murders.