CDF Muhoozi is one of the many good and competent people of our generation — Bobi Wine

Following last night’s security brief by security chiefs, Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi has applauded the Chief of Defense Force Gen David Muhoozi for his foresight mind on the security of Uganda.

“The manner in which General David Muhoozi responded to questions last night once again gave me confidence that I am always right when I say that not everyone who works for the NRM regime is a bad person. I do not agree with that narrative. I think our Chief of Defence Forces is one of the many good and competent people who are serving a bad system”, Bobi Wine stated.

“He came off as an intelligent and able leader and I kept wondering why he had to go to court and justify the raid on Parliament last year. But again, I understand that many such people are captives of the system. I watched him struggle to keep away from some obvious truths because in a system like ours, the consequences might be dire. My prayer is that such good leaders multiply across the board and gain the confidence to influence positive changes from all spheres so that our nation sees better days.”

On the rampant wave of crime, the legislator has promised organise security meetings in his constituency to raise awareness amongst the people.