ABIRIGA: Museveni directs deployment of 12 million UPDF reserve force

With country still in shock after  the gruesome murder of Hon Ibrahim Abiriga, President Museveni has recommended the deployment of the UPDF reserve force in all parts of the country.

“As we improve our technical capacity in the towns, the sub-committee of National Security, under the Chairmanship of CDF, yesterday decided to recommend to me the call-up of some reserves to deploy wherever criminals may manifest themselves”, reads part of his statement.

“Remember, we have a reserve of 12 million men and women. Our reluctance to call-up more man-power is because of trying to avoid costs so that we invest in developments.  In the State-of-the-Nation address, I pointed out the work done on the roads and electricity. We shall have to decelerate on some of those projects so that we up-grade the security infrastructure and also, for a limited period, call up more man-power.”

According to Museveni, the murder of his devoted NRM cadre was political and executed to undermine the ruling party. The president further added saying;  “Therefore, the cowardly pigs that shot Abiriga at leisure without any equalizing fire being directed at them, will next time get a more balanced equation.”