PHOTO: First Lady consoles family, children of Abiriga, calls upon Ugandans to co-exist

First Lady Janet has called upon Ugandans to co-exist regardless of differences. In her tribute to slain legislator, Ibrahim Abiriga,  Janet Kataaha Museveni stated that Hon. Abiriga was a very humble person. She wondered whether the killers are trying to tell Ugandans that serving your country with love is a crime.

In a response to critics, she challenged legislators to work together for a better country.

“Although many people blame government for what has happened to Hon Abiriga and it is okay to blame government but all of us sitting here in parliament must work together to make things better” , she stated.

She consoled the family and children of the late.

Brig. Oula George stated that Abiriga loved his children so much and he is glad that the late didn’t travel with them on the fateful day.

“Hon. Abiriga believed in what he loved, his religion, he would pray five times and fasted, he believed in his kids. He moved with his two kids almost everywhere. Thank God he hadn’t moved with them this time round. They would have been killed too”, he stated.

Ibrahim Abiriga was assassinated on Friday evening in Kawanda, Wakiso.