Chaotic scenes rock Abiriga’s home. Residents confiscate body, destroy property

Tensions are flaring high in the West Nile town of Arua as angry residents mourning the death of area Member of Parliament, Ibrahim Abiriga at his home turn chaotic confiscating his body, destroying tents and chairs in the process.

Reports from Arua where the slain MP had just been flown today afternoon following a special Parliamentary sitting to honor his life indicate that youth earlier stormed the airfield in Arua demanding the casket with the body of their dead MP so they could look at it and carry it on foot throughout the town.

The youth who overpowered the security made their way into the ambulance causing a standoff that rocked Arua for over an hour. When the body finally reached Abiriga’s home where mourners had been gathered since Friday evening when his car was showered with bullets in Kawanda, Wakiso district, chaotic scenes erupted as residents demanded answers from government as to who killed their MP and his brother.

The residents, in the process confiscated the body of Col (rtd) Ibrahim Abiriga, destroyed the tent and broke the plastic chairs in it. Unconfirmed reports also indicated that government and police vehicles and motorcycles have been set a blaze.