IGG hits back at Museveni – you protect thieves

Hardly a day after President Yoweri Museveni harshly criticised the Inspector General of Government (IGG) for gross incompetence and failure to interdict corrupt government officials, Justice Irene Mulyagonja has hit back at the president, accusing him of being a safe haven where the corrupt run to when investigated.

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In a telephone interview with Matooke Republic, the embattled IGG – like her predecessors – said the corrupt in the government are often too powerful and high placed that it becomes hard for her staff – who are regarded as ‘young and junior’ by the corrupt to investigate them.

“When we turn up the heat for them, they run to State House and hide behind the back of the president. Our investigations then either stall for years or are dropped on ‘orders from above’. My hands are tied,” she said.

In a rather conciliatory tone, Mulyagonja welcomed the newly created anti-corruption unit pledging to work with them within the two years left on her contract to curb corruption.

“I commend the President for the idea of coming up with his own unit. This office also started as a unit in the office of the President and eventually became a constitutional body. If the President is thinking we are not doing a lot, we are glad for the new team. We welcome them. If Mr. Tweheyo (the new Unit boss) needs our assistance, we shall give it to him,” she added.

Lumumba backs Mulyagonja

In an interesting turn of events, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba while addressing a press conference at Plot 10, Kyaddondo Road contradicted her boss arguing that instead of creating a parallel unit to fight corruption, the president would rather empower the IGG with more resources to do the job better.

“If every ministry is to have an alternative unit in State House, will he then close the ministries? Personally, I think the IGG is doing a good work. I do not support the President putting up a parallel structure because it will hinder her work,” Ms. Lumumba said.