Desire Luzinda’s ‘nud3 beauty’ shocked me, I never imagined her like — Kasuku

Dembe FM’s ‘King of Lugambo’ Isaac Katende aka Kasuku is at it again. Today morning as he featured on NTV’s ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ morning show hosted by Faridah Nakazibwe, Kasuku was asked on his take was on the numerous nud3s that are taking social media by storm lately.

In his response , he admitted that he is a fan.   He specifically pointed out the famous Desire Luzinda’s nudes that he says shocked him because before they had leaked, he said he had worked with her at Dembe FM for a over year but  was unbothered by what lie underneath.

‘’I worked with Desire for over year at Dembe FM but I didn’t imagine that she looked that good’,’ he sated.

He further teased Faridah that he would love to take a glimpse at her nudes.

‘’I would love to see how naturally you were made by God Faridah, because I have at many times only tried to ‘picture’ you minus clothes which am fade up of.’’

While Kasuku is confessing his love for nud3s, the Anti-pornography committee is on a hunt for people leaking those pictures.