Abiriga in recent interview: It’s true the president likes me, people near him are fighting me

In a recent interview, former Arua Municipality MP. Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga revealed that certain people ‘near the president’ were fighting him. After he was gunned down today, it is  on record that the MP expressed fear for his life.

“It is true he (president Museveni) likes me but those sorrounding him don’t want me, they don’t me near him. They say he will call me in the morning, in the evening just to take me like that, like that (sic). He has gone six months without calling me. You have seen this issue of Togikwatako. We started it but now they are telling lies. They are not reporting what is on the ground. People are fighting me slowly, by slowly in what we call in USSR, cold war!”

Ibrahim Abiriga was shot dead from near his home in Kawanda, Wakiso. He was reportedly shot dead with his bodyguard this evening.

The NRM caucus spokesperson Hon. Margaret Muhanga confirmed that the shooting was carried out by suspected two men riding on a motorcycle.