PHOTOS: Sheebah goes all out at her Ciroc themed ‘Mummy Yo’ video premiere

As ‘Sheebaholics’ found their way into Guvnor one by one on Saturday night for Sheebah`s Mummy Yo video premiere, the queen herself was someone concocting a performance that would leave her audience beaming with content.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, the ‘Beera nange’ singer made her way onto the stage after performances from TNS` Topic Kasente and Roden Y Kabako.

Her animated introduction was enough to prepare revelers for what was about to unfold as she was about to matters to a whole different level.

Performing household hits like ‘Embeera zo’ on which she features Rwanda`s Bruce Melody  while clad in a black coat with white hair, she occupied every inch of the stage song after song, she even spared time to help fellow artist Tip Swizzy premiere the ‘Munyiiza ‘ video on they both put in shifts.

After the all the curtain raising was done, came the main event with Sheebah giving fans a sneak peek into the Mummy Yo video.

She would then turn up the energy to do a verse before the club went dark for all the screens to play the newly Ciroc powered 4 minutes and 23 seconds video.

Sheebah returns the favour by highlighting Ciroc in the song`s lyrics “Ciroc bottle gyolina yamaanyi”.

The video roles back the ages with a classic touch and its one to leave a lasting impression on fans if you are to by the Guvnor crowd`s reaction