INTERVIEW: I’m ready to die for Radio’s kids, he did not work for his brother, those who insult me are not fans — Weasel

Weasel, finally appeared today on a live TV interview. Yes, Douglas Lwanga hosted Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel Manizo in an exclusive interview as they delved into various issues from life after Radio’s death, Angel Music, Bryan White and the podium, the fans Chagga to Mowzey Radio’s brother, Frank Ssekibogo. Here are some excerpts we picked.

A lot has been happening, the fans, the expectation from people…

What people should know that I loved Radio the most. I lost my brother. They should let me be.

Many people expected you to take a rest after Radio’s death…

We had planned to take a vacation off but still I realised that people will still continue to haunt me. I wanted to rest. Do you know what kind of messages I receive from people? I decided to stay back and do my music.

The fans have have had their expectations and many times they seem not so happy…

Once one is your fan, they are not expected to insulted you. Those who insult me are not my fans. They are not fans of Radio and Weasel. Those who insult me are happy that Radio passed away. Most of them are happy.They thought I was done and dusted.

Tell us about Angel Music. What was the essence of Radio starting Angel Music?

Angel Music was like Radio’s platform for writing songs for other artistes. He maintained royalties over the songs.

Then came Bryan White. The fans had a problem when you carried a sack!

I had no problem carrying a sack because we were helping people. Even foreign artistes have done such charitable works.

After the video of Bryan White calling you in a manner the fans deemed disrespectful, you cut ties. Why did you rejoin?

He apologized. We reconciled. We have reconciled with many people including Jose Chameleone.

The fans did not understand that…

A fan is a diehard. I fan true fan will support you  no matter what. A fan does not complain. Those who are insulting, complaining are not fans.

Some people say the language you are using is too harsh.

I lost my brother. People should forgive me if I am too harsh. There are putting too much pressure on men yet I’m grieving. I lost my brother AK 47. Within a short time, I have lost another.May be they also want me dead.

On firing Chagga…

I have never fired Chagga. Let me tell you something. I have no contracts with anyone. Chagga introduced me to the game. He taught me. I have no contracts with Chagga or Washington. We are brothers. We work on friendly basis.

On Radio’s brother Frank Ssekibogo and the car-smashing incident

I travelled over this earth with Radio, Through brokenness and wealth, we stood together. My lawyers had advised me not to talk about this. However, for the sake of the fans, let me put this clear. Radio worked for his children not his brother. I am the only left to fight for Radio’s children. I’m ready to die for them. Some of them have been sending me threats but if I was dead, I know, Radio would not allow anyone take my children’s property. Can you imagine after Radio died, they came and carried away his TV, fridge…I was asking myself where they expect Radio’s children to watch cartoons… I never wanted to talk about this.

There are people who have come up singing or looking  like Radio…

First of all, Radio’s legacy will never die. When I was starting out, Chameleone told me I sound like him till I discovered myself. Thank you for the love but first discover yourself.

What is the future of Radio and Weasel?

I always feel Radio is watching over me. There is so much in store.

On the new song Good Over Evil

This is a song straight from the heart. When we were recording, it was the producer who reminded me that the verses were done.