How Judith Heard is handling the s3xtape situation

In this country, you never know whose nud3s will leak next. While we were getting worried about kidnaps and surprised that many have now resorted to kidnapping themselves, Judith Heard’s nud3s and s3xtape, out of the blue, kidnapped our attention!

Socialite Judith Heard.

The model and public figure is no stranger to her waking up to her nud3s in public domain. It is no wonder that she is handling the whole situation without throwing tantrums. See? This is why employers demand for atleast three years working experience from fresh graduates! Just kidding.

Back to our story, Judith Heard had been waxing lyrical since the nud3s leaked. Her social media pages are decorated with all that glamour, fine writing and of course, refined motivational talk like a city babe’s rejuvenated wisdom after she’s been dumped. Now that’s the kind of maturity these things need! Indeed like they say, what can’t kill …