Song Review: Gravity Omutujju, Chozen Blood come in defence of slay queens, hardworking women in ‘Ndowozayo’

A refreshing song this one. Gravity Omutujju and singer Chozen Blood could have put together a song that is bound to last on the countdowns for a long-spell. ‘Ndowozayo’ a Luganda word that loosely translates to ‘Your thoughts’, is a song that is perfectly crafted.

In the song, Gravity Omutujju and Chozen Blood, come in full defence of women enjoying their lives and those working hard to make ends meet. Yes, the song is a dedication to all naysayers who claim women who are making progress  through sexual favours.

The two throw in various scenarios in the song where women are not given due credit for their success. They argue that; ‘its just a figment of your imagination, your thoughts! Their (women) success is not sexually transmitted.

The song is not a full onslaught on naysayers. Besides provoking thought, this edu-tainment rides on a catchy beat that slay queens and hardworking women will certainly groove to.

Nice song.