Chameleone in US to pick his wife and children

Over the weekend, Singer Jose Chameleone flew to USA, not to perform, not to shoot a music video or record, but just to pick part of his family and return with them home.

A few weeks back, Chameleone’s wife- Daniella gave birth to the couple’s fifth child in USA.

According to a close source, after all necessary checks, doctors last week cleared Daniella as fit to fly back home. Well, Chameleone proved to be the loving hubby when he decided to fly to the US to help ensure his wife and children fly back without so much hassle.

The Mayanjas are set to fly back this weekend.

And as soon Chameleone landed on US soil, Daniella took to her social media page and heaped praises upon him. Here’s a copy of Daniella’s touching post;

“How can I ever thank you for being a father to me besides everything that you are, May God continue to favor you. You have evolved from so many things into being a father to me. They were right, those who told me God would give me another father, It was my biggest worry when my father went to meet the Lord, but so many people told me God would give me one, and they were right, He gave me one under the same roof with me. I am thankful,”